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Solar Panels For Your Business

Investing in solar panels as a complete or partial replacement for the power company supplied electricity makes economic sense. The system will immediately become an asset that produces electricity from a free source — the sun. BluGuard Solar will help you project your ROI as well as assist in obtaining permitting and financing.

Energy Savings

Investing in a solar system will lock you into a lower cost for your electric bill.

Solar Incentives

State and Federal incentives lower the cost of your solar investment by 50-70%


Owning your own power generation is a permanent benefit for your business.

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How Does A Solar Panel System Work?

The diagram and corresponding descriptions below demonstrate how solar panels work to convert sunlight into usable energy that saves you money.

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Customer Testimonials

Peace of mind.

After getting 3 estimates from various solar companies, we are very happy we went with BluGuard Solar. The whole process was seamless.. from reviewing the estimate to the installation and beyond. Their panels are American made, and the monitoring app is so nice to have (lets us check how much power each panel is producing, review previous months' production, and more). Plus their level of customer service is so on point, hard to beat!
Tory Pappas
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Do You Qualify For Solar?

The Power Is In Your Hands